I'm Annie, on social media I go by lazyannie. I graduated from University of Florida - New World School of the Arts with a BFA in Art and Technology. I am a Background Artist, illustrator, and Visual Development Artist looking for a studio position where my creative growth can shine. Currently, I'm working on personal projects, building my portfolio, obtaining freelance work while running an Etsy shop for hand-stitched goods.

When I'm not arting I'm taking cute pictures of my inconsiderate cats, stitching, gaming, competing against my significant other, or pumping down un Cafecito!

I'm always looking for ways to grow in my art career and I'm open for professional mentor-ship.



Don't be shy to get in touch!

I'm looking for full-time, part-time, or freelance work as Background Painter, Illustrator, or Visual Development Artist.

I'm available remotely as well!